TikTok Crown

TikTok is a fantastic platform to get yourself noticed for your creativity and passion for music and videos. But, to achieve a decent following, you need to be appearing at the top of search results and, regularly on the featured content on the home page. To get yourself to the top of the featured list you need to be given, by the TikTok panel, a coveted ‘featured’ status and /or receive a crown on your profile.

A TikTok crown is usually only given out by the TikTok panel to verify official channels of celebrities, to show users that they are genuinely who they claim to be. There is, however, another reason they will give out crowns, and you don’t have to be a celebrity to receive one. If your videos are judged, by the TikTok panel, to be of a high enough standard, they are unique and original, you have a large number of followers and likes, and your participation and activity levels are high enough, they may decide to add a crown to your profile. A crown will give you a higher credibility in the TikTok world than most other users and will boost your visibility dramatically, thus, increasing the potential for your channel to receive a huge number of followers, views and likes.

There are however, plenty of websites offering to ‘hack the system’ and guarantee you a crown or, tell you how to get one yourself. This usually involves photoshopping a crown onto your profile photo. You may be asked for your login details to do this which should ring alarm bells immediately. Never give anyone your profile login details, no matter what reassurances they may offer you. People offering this service are likely running a scam, so don’t fall for it. Fake crowns are usually obvious anyway due to the positioning of it on your profile page. There is also the risk of TikTok objecting to you doing this and taking action against your channel by penalising you on your search position or even blocking your account.

If you want a TikTok crown, follow the official guidelines, and, if you are good enough and fit the criteria, you may get lucky and receive a real one. The alternative might land you in a sticky situation.

This advice is a basic guide only. The author is no way legally responsible for any losses sustained as a result of reading this article. For more information on the subject, contact a relevant professional or company for advice.

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