Use These 4 Methods and Get Featured on TikTok

Quick Introduction to TikTok

TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the world related to music and lifestyle. This popular application has more than 70 million active users and it has attracted the global attention by providing an opportunity for people to share lip sync videos (not longer than 15 seconds) in a fun and creative way.

Because it is one of the biggest trends these days, many people are wondering how to get featured on Is there something that you can do to get featured here?

Yes, there is and we are going to show you how!

How to Get Featured on TikTok – Top 4 Methods to Consider

If you feature your account or with other words get the “Crown”, you will get millions of followers and your account will acquire more attention among the users and they automatically will become your fans.

  • Make sure to use special effects and props – People always look for something unique, fun and creative. TikTok successfully combined videography and lip sync so it is your time to shine and show how creative can you be. Go through the special effects and props and experiment until you are speechless from the end result.
  • Contact a featured user – Keep in mind that is a social app so use it as an advantage and communicate with other users. Contact a user that is already featured and ask about some tips and tricks.
  • Take an interest in contests and challenges – The contests and challenges always attract followers and you will quickly notice the difference. The users will want to get to know you better and your number of followers will increase for sure.
  • Use hashtags – First, make sure to check the most trending and popular hashtags. Take a look at what other users are posting and sharing about and maybe it will give you the inspiration needed to create something unique and fun.

Conclusion can help you get your account featured and be popular! With these TikTokViral’ useful methods you can get featured on easily and quickly. They are proven to be very successful and also are free to use! So express you creativity side have fun while doing it! For additional help or information don’t hesitate to contact! or TikTok

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